Cocktail Time at the Bar Les Heures

Inspired, essential elixirs

At Les Heures, Florian Thireau set up his bar as a mini-laboratory of the senses, spending hours in the kitchens preparing the basics, the clarification of his mixes,his fruit juices and his pulps, and composing a menu in the spirit of an establishment where special creations sit side by side with the classic favourites. With his heightened sense of taste and smell, Florian paid particular attention to flavour, seeking out the very essence of the aromas, fruits and nectars to devise his own creations, and shake up traditional mixes with care and attention.

Discipline, organisation and elegance soon became the bywords of this new head barman. He came to delight in adapting the classic basics with great precision, without forgetting the essential flavour, so as to invite his customers to taste his creations and discover new tastes and sensations.

In this way he devised a whole range of powerful cocktails, in the form of a home-made buckwheat liqueur blended with champagne and bitters to produce his Social Sour, the legendary Bloody Mary revisited with a Port reduction, a galvanising Golden Punch and an elegant Governor.
A Cocktail List with 9 original creations and 3 traditional classics in tune with the sort of hallowed atmosphere and bespoke service that you would expect from a luxury establishment like the Prince de Galles. A fresh, fiery energy takes hold of the Bar Les Heures, and it quite simply bowls you over!